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September 8, 2009

Climbing Helmets

Modern helmets are sleek, light and suitable for every climbing situation.
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Erin Ford-Zielenewski

Erin is a well rounded climber who pursues all the different diciplines of climbing with equal vigor. She is also a strong contender in competition climbing.
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In Praise of Canadian Bouldering

Bouldering was probably one of the very first types of rock climbing ever done in Canada. It has always been the ideal activity for climbers who lack partners, equiptment or time and for the pioneer of a new area, it gives a taste of the climbing on the bigger outcrops.
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Climbing Softshells

Softshells are the go-to garment for climbers.
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Sept 8, 2009 – Eiter and Puigblanque Dominate Rock Master

Angela Eiter proved why she is one of the top completion climbers in the world by clinching her fifth Rock Master title in Arco and equaling the winning record set by Lynn Hill.
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