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April 1, 2010

Northern Faces: Adam Reeve

Reeve's involvement with the Ontario Access Coalition (OAC) started when the Halfway Log Dump area was shut down for climbing. He was involved in the development of the area and felt that it was time to change the negative misconceptions the public had about climbing.
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How Goes the Guide Book?

When we think about getting out for a day on the rock, up a peak, or a week away, a natural first thought is usually the climbing itself. The second thought is how to get there and succeed.
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Traditional Sport Climbing in FRANCE.

Europe has been the source of climbing innovation, rather than traditionalism.Yet, you can still visit the old school crags and experience routes on which modern climbing was founded.
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Spring Climbing Shoes.

Climbing Shoes are the only piece of gear that can actually improve a climber's performance. Climbers eagerly anticipate the spring release of new improved shoes. Here are some of them.
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Companies now offer draws optimized for specific types of climbing. Consider these factors before making a purchase.
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