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May 30, 2011

Two to Peru

Their plan was simple. Drive south through Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama to the end of the road at Panama City, hitting every bar and beach along the way. Leave the car in Panama, fly to Bogota in COlombia, travel by bus through
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10 Most Influential North American Climbing Titles

Although North America is not the birthplace of climbing, it is a continent that has given the pursuit many of its defining characteristics:crack climbing, ice-climbing, big wall climbing and V-grades among them. In contrast to Europe, it's a place where getting to the route
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Beefy Ropes

Larger diameter ropes with their thicker sheaths and cores, deliver better abrasion resistance, greater edge-cutting resistance and increased fall-catching performance. Here are some concepts worth considering when buying a thicker rope.
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Road Tripping Essentials

Here are some items that will help climbers get the most out of any climbing trip.
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Big Harnesses for Big Comfort

Big wall climbing requires a wide, supportive, Barcalounger-like harness, plush enough for the multi-hour leads required on most routes. Here are some options for any big wall.
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May 30, 2011 – McColl Podiums At Canada’s World Cup

On May 27 and 28, athletes from all over the world gathered in the small town of Canmore, Alberta for the first bouldering World Cup held on Canadian soil.
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