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October 13, 2011


The mighty east face of Cerro Torre leered above, taunting me. This was the culmination of a season spent biding time, waiting for conditions and weather to allow us to attempt our dream project. I was amazed we were finally getting the chance.
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Ontario New Route Resurgence

Despite growing crowds, access issues and overblown environmental concerns, a small group of dedicated Ontario climbers are busy expanding the climbing opportunities just in time for the first comprehensive guidebook in decades.
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Survive the Winter Elements

Constructed to protect climbers in the worst weather, these tents will remain standing after a night of howling wind and drifting snow.
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Risk and Responsibility

It seems we're forgetting that injury and death are potential consequences of playing in the uncontrollable environment of the vertical arena.
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Oct 12, 2011 – Strong Canadian Results in Boulder

Canadian climbing superstar Sean McColl finished in 7th place at this weekend's IFSC World Cup lead climbing in Boulder, Co.
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