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November 26, 2013

Sisu Masters 2013

The Sisu Masters competition took place for the first time this year at Toyota Kiipeily Arena in Helsinki, Finland. Watch some funky stuff by Dave Graham, check out the future of bouldering on Nalle’s Sisu project and watch Melissa Le Neve send her flower power.
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Anatomy of Chance and Uncertainty

Every day, every one of us make choices and decisions in the face of uncertainty. Guided by a blend of intuition and logic, we spend a large part of our lives navigating the murky waters of chance. This is the space between 0 and 1; this is risk, and we confront it daily. How
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Muriel Sarkany Sends 5.14d, Becomes Fourth Woman to Climb Grade

Muriel Sarkany has became the fourth woman to climb 5.14d, 9a, after sending Punt X at Gorges du Loop in France. Sarkany started climbing when she was 15, now 39, she has made history by sending her hardest route ever. When competition climbing was still in its early stages
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Wind And Rattlesnakes

A video that documents climbing in Lander, Wyoming.
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Scotland Ice Trip

Sit back and enjoy this 25-minute film documenting climbing in Scotland. Nick Bullock recently said, “You can’t climb it if it’s not white, once the storm hits and it’s white, then you can go climb it.” If there’s one place on earth where
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Two New Routes: One Big, One Small

One of the last big wall problems has been climbed in the Patagonian region of Torres del Paine. British Climbers Mike “Twid” Turner, Jerry Gore, Calum Muskett and French cameraman Raphael Jochaud climbed the SE Face of the South Tower, the tallest of the three famous
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Kutcher at St. Alban

Nathan Kutcher spent three days in St. Alban where he onsighted three M10s. St. Alban is an all bolted dry-tooling crag near Quebec City. The rock is not the best, but it makes for great early season training with over 60 dry-tool routes. Kutcher climbed the three hardest routes
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The Gift

Canadian photographer & film-maker Andrew Querner created this 11-minute short, The Gift, featuring amazing interview footage with legendary Canadian mountaineer Chic Scott, a few years ago. If you have not seen it, sit back and enjoy.
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Margo Talbot Speaks About Addictions at TEDx

From Tedx: Current research suggests that addiction and depression are symptoms of emotional distress, not causes of it, forging the link between childhood trauma and mental illness. Margo Talbot’s journey supports these studies. Diagnosed Bi Polar at age twenty-two, Margo
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Red Beard, M12, Goes On Gear

Ryan Vachon recently climbed Red Beard, M12, in the Rigid Designator Amphitheatre in Vail, Colorado, and protected it not by clipping the bolts, but instead by placing gear. The Rigid Designator area is one of the most famous ice climbing crags in the States. Jeff Lowe’s M8
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