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December 12, 2013

Video: Revelation, a Visual Poem

We all have a line. “The heat and the softness of the sunshine, The peace and the rawness of the storms and the cold. The motion and the rhythm and the ebb and the flow of the tides and the wind of this glorious weather all around.” Revelation, a Visual Poem. from
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Climbing News

  Here are a few stories that are making headlines today. DAVID LAMA David Lama has climbed a bold new route up the north face of Hohe Kirche in the Valsertal Zillertal Alps, Austria. The 400-metre route is called Nordverschneidung and is graded WI4, M5, VI. “On the
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Video: Bilbao Mendi Film Festival

The Bilbao Mendi Film Festival trailer: Bilbao Mendi Film Festival 2013 from Mendi Film Festival on Vimeo.
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