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December 16, 2013

Rain Forest Ice in Photos

A collection of photos from some of the West Coast ice being climbed by Paul McSorley and Tony Richardson. Amazing images of ice plastered to granite and clinging to ferns.               
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Video: Gord McArthur at Bozeman Ice Festival’s Finals

Gord climbs to the second last hold on the final route at the 2013 Bozeman ice fest.
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Video: Balloon Over Everest

Balloon Over Everest is an early-mid 80’s Australian film documentary about an unsuccessful attempt to sail over the summit of Mount Everest in a hot air balloon. That notwithstanding, it still was the highest alpine ballooning flight in history at that time. The real
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Video: Alpamayo French Direct

In summer 2012 Maxime De Groote and Nelson Neirinck travelled to Peru to climb some beautiful mountains. Their first goal was to get a try on the 5947 meter high Alpamayo climbing the French Direct. Alpamayo French Direct from Sam Van Brempt on Vimeo.
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Video: Quebec Ice

Video from a road-trip in January 2013 from Montreal to Percé with some ice climbing and ice fishing. Road-Trip Gaspésie from Francois Aubert on Vimeo.
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Greg Tos Sessions Lookout Rock Every Month in 2013

Winter Rock  The south walls of Grotto Mountain, home to Bataan and Echo Canyon, are sometimes to hot to climb in summer. The past month has been cold in Alberta, reaching -44 degrees Celsius, the mountains were not spared. In the Bow Valley wood stoves are stoked in December,
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Canadian Kutcher Grabs Third in Bozeman Speed Comp

Canadian Nathan Kutcher climbed his way into third place at the Bozeman Ice Festival speed competition. For the open competition results see here. Mens Speed Results 1st: Adam Knoff 2nd: Sam Elias 3rd: Nathan Kutcher 4th: Jason Nelson Womens Speed Results 1st: Kendra Stritch 2nd:
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