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December 19, 2013

Sean McColl’s Comp Year

Sean McColl is undoubtedly Canada’s best competition climber, he maintains a strong presence consistently places in the top-five. “For the third year in a row, I have managed to stay at the top of the world cup circuit, not only in one discipline, but two. I set
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Patagonia Rescue

Patagonia Rescue, December 2013 Two climbers rescued from the base of Fitz Roy’s Supercanaleta. The climbing in Patagonia has been compared to Chamonix and the Bugaboos, fine alpine granite in a remote location. If an accident happens in the Bugaboos or Chamonix, rescuers
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Cascade de l’Oule, WI5+, France

“I’ve been ice climbing around Grenoble for almost 20 years, and for at least 10 years I’ve been dreaming of the day when the waterfalls that flow down off the Saint-Hilaire du Touvet plateau would freeze up. In 2001 a cold spell allowed us to climb a number of
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Video: Wild Will Stanhope

When Will Stanhope fell off Parthian Shot in the Peak District and his protection failed, he hit the ground, hard. It was an accident that could have killed him. Tim Emmett sits down and interviews climber Will Stan about his recovery, how he began freesolo climbing as part of
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Climbing News From Around the World

Lonnie Kauk has done second ascent of Too Big to Flail, Alex Honnold’s impressive V10 highball in Bishop. Honnold’s ascent was documented in Reel Rock 7. Adam Ondra has made the first ascent of Nove G,  9a, at Gemona in the Friuli region of Northern Italy. On Tuesday
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Video: Lynn Hill Gets Letterman to Climb

Lynn Hill was a guest on David Letterman in 1989, watch Letterman sessions an old-school wall.
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Le Toit de Ben, 5.13

Mason Earle has, in a few short years, dispatched many of the hardest crack lines in the States. This past summer he headed north of the border to Val David in Quebec with Canadian crack maestro JP Ouellet for a tour of the area’s best and hardest cracks. Andrew Burr was
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Video: Squamish Wall Dancers

Choreographer Julia Taffe realized her creative vision on August 1, 2013, as Aeriosa Dance Society performed “Being” on the Grand Wall of the Stawamus Chief . Six dancers worked on their climbing skills for over two years to perform in this exposed setting. The
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