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December 28, 2013

The Classic Professor Falls

Professor Falls  WI4, 280 m Professor Falls is a Canadian classic. The name is a pun that comes from Professor Eckhard Grassman, one of the first ascensionists, who took a fall on the route in 1974. This route forms early and usually lasts until March or April. Due to the
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Is Not Always Pasqua, Third Ascent

James Pearson made the first ground-up and third overall ascent of Is Not Always Pasqua? E9, 7a, at Collina di Interprete in Central Italy. Pearson’s ascent was the first placing all gear on lead.  Mauro Calibani climbed the route in 2002. The route has had one other
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Nanga Parbat, Fourth Expedition Announced

Daniele Nardi to solo Mummery Rib. Winter 2012/13, Italian climber Daniele Nardi had two unsuccessful attempts on Nanga Parbat’s Mummery Rib. “It’s because it spared my life, it let me taste its violence and its honey, the Queen of the Mountains, the killer mountain.
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