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January 2, 2014

Riccardo Cassin Born 105 Years Ago

If Riccardo Cassin was alive he would turn 105 today, January 2, 2014. The legendary climber died in 2009, at 100. He started climbing in 1930 with the Ragni di Lecco, Spiders of Lecco, in the Dolomites. He is responsible for some of the greatest lines in the Alps, including the
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The Eight-Thousanders by NASA

There are fourteen mountains higher than 8,000 metres. Nasa’s Earth Observatory takes us far above them, giving us a bird’s eye view. Visit Earth Observatory and learn about the eight-thousanders, this is a great read.
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More 2013 Canadian Highlights

Canadians were busy in 2013, establishing new routes and repeating test-pieces. This is the second list of highlights, here are the first 2013 Canadian Highlights. Josie Hetyie Josie Hetyie is 36-year-old Vancouver police officer. Relatively unknown across Canada, she was the
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Video: The Woody

One of the coolest looking home caves. Megan: The Ninja from Mad Rock Climbing on Vimeo.
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