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January 29, 2014

Men’s Final, Tour de Bloc Calgary

Walson Tai brings us some exciting moments from the Calgary Climbing Centre’s recent Tour de Bloc. Tour de Bloc Dec 1 ’12 Calgary Climbing Centre Mens Final from Walson Tai on Vimeo.
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June-uary on Squamish’s Angels Crest

Ross Berg, owner of Altus Mountain Guides, climbed a bone-dry Angels Crest in January 2014.    
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Canadians Climb New Patagonia Route

January 24 2014, El Busca Jesus, AI4R, M5, first ascent by Tony Richardson and Jonny Simms January 2014, the weather in Patagonia has been finicky at best. Richardson and Simms arrived in Patagonia shortly after New Years and repeated the new must-climb route, Super Domo. Simms
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