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February 26, 2014


Louise Falls is one of the most often-climbed routes in the Rockies. With its short approach and moderate grade, it is safe to say it’s climbed nearly every day of the winter. Anyone who has been to Lake Louise knows of the casual foot-path which hugs the western edge of
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Revealing the Angel

Alpine climbers Graham Zimmerman and Scott Bennett traveled to the Revelation Mountains of the Western Alaska Range seeking big rock routes of stunning peaks. The Revelations are a small sub-range, farthest western extent of the Alaska Range. The highest peak in the rang
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Climbing News

The world of climbing is busy with competitions, hard repeats and first ascents. Here are a few of the stories making headlines. The Tepui  Rolando Larcer, Maurizo Ovigliz and Luca Giupponi made the first ascent up the North Face of Akopan Tepui in Venezuelza, Escalador
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