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March 23, 2014

Prints of Legendary Climbers

Angel Ivan Lopez Canto captures Royal Robbins, Jim Bridwell, Warren Harding, and John Muir in his tattoo-style prints.  Canto is selling prints at his website The Baja Project to help fund a trip in 2015 to Baja, California, “Our intention is to do a long trip looking for
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Korouoma Ice

Korouoma is a 130 m deep canyon that stretches for 30 km in Posio, Finland. At the bottom of the canyon is the Korojoki River, a popular fishing area in summer. In winter, the walls of the canyon freeze and climbers travel from all over Europe to climb them.  There are over a
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Wide Boyz II, Slender Gentleman

After their success climbing the world’s hardest offwidth, the Wide Boyz, Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall, embark on their next crack climbing mission. This time their sights are set on the thinner end of the crack climbing spectrum. Their goal is the mighty Cobra Crack in
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