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April 21, 2014

Why Bolting…

A week ago, Matthieu Lienart went bolting in Horai, Japan. Many people asked him why he was bolting when there were already a number of routes to climb, here is his answer… For information about rock climbing in Horai see:  
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Climbing Continues on Everest North

As climbers and Sherpas are putting the pieces together after last week’s deadly avalanche above Everest’s Base Camp on the Nepal south side of the mountain, teams on the north (China) side continue to climb. The Chinese Base Camp is at 5,199 metres. Here is a list of
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Results from Western Regional Finals

After an exciting competition at Cliffhanger climbing gym in Coquitlam B.C., the event wrapped up Easter evening. A strong field of competitors kept the comp interesting, Canmore finished with wins in four categories, Calgary in two, Coquitlam and Nanaimo with one each. Top three
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