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April 22, 2014

The Lost Valley, off the grid in Patagonia

Consequence and weather are constant travel companions on the way to sending La Vuelta de los Condores 5.11, A2. Squamish locals Will Stanhope, Paul McSorely and Marc-Andre Leclerc, along with American Matthew Van Biene climb a new peak in Patagonia. Watch the film about their
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Gathering Sun – Nesscliffe

Naomi Buys on a headpoint ascent of Gathering Sun at Nesscliffe, a superb sandstone quarry in Shropshire.  
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Stuck in a Jam

An Australian rock climber spent the night trapped in the boulder problem known as Squeeze Rock at Mount Arapiles. If you don’t like tight squeezes, this problem is not for you. The 24-year-old was forced to spend the night in “very cold” conditions as rescuers
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Everest, an industry in peril?

The April 18 avalanche that killed 13 Sherpas, three remain missing, has raised many questions as to what will happen with the commercial climbing industry on the Everest South Col Route. As we reported, climbing on the north side of Everest continues. “Many people have
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