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May 5, 2014

Climbing Tattoos

We have all seen tattoos at the crag, sometimes they are flowers or octopus, other times they are skulls or names. Who has seen the ultimate, when climbing meets ink? Below are a collection of crafty tats found around the internet, inspired?
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Video: Dave Graham on a V13

Dave Graham kicked off his rehab tour with a send of Te Cuelgas Guey V13,  at 11 Mile Canyon, Colorado.  
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Adam Ondra Onsights 5.14d (again)

Adam Ondra, arguably the world’s best climber, has onsighted his second 5.14d, his first was La Cabane au Canada in Rawyl last year. UK Climbing reported Ondra onsighted Il Domani 5.14d, in the Baltzola cave, Basque country. Patxi Usobiaga watched Ondra make the ascent and
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Wi-Fi in our Parks, a Tangled Web or Adventure Tool?

Parks Canada is hoping to provide 25 to 50 “hot spots” of coverage in select national parks and historical sites by the summer, tripling them next year. Instead of the relaxing loon call, campers might soon be listening to the latest You Tube hit. “What we are doing
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Sasquatch in Squamish, the Samsquantch?

Climbers on the West Coast spotted someone or something wondering around a glacier below, was it bigfoot? From the maker of the You Tube video: This video was only uploaded for the benefit of a couple of friends, we had no intention for it to gather the interest it has. We are
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Alex Megos sends Action Directe

Alex Megos needed only two hours to redpoint the world’s first 5.14d, first climbed by Wolfgang Gullich in 1991. The Frankenjura route has stood the test of time and is consider the “must do” for climbers pushing the grade. Frankenjura reported Megos had only
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Ashima and Kai light it up at the Ring of Fire

The 2014 Ring of Fire Climbing Competition’s final round was on May 3 at Central Rock in Watertown M.A. The two young crushers who have been making headlines of late, Kai Lightner and Ashima Shiraishi, took top spots in the open category, an amazing performance by two
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