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May 14, 2014

Video: 5.14 on gear

Little story about the route Das große Knübbeln 5.14 in Pfalz, Germany and the climber Felix Lehmann sending it by using only trad gear. 8b+ trad in der Pfalz from Christoph Beer on Vimeo.
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First female ascent of world’s first 5.14b

Melissa Le Neve has repeated the world’s first 5.14b, Wolfgang Gullich’s Wallstreet in Frankenjura It has been 27 years since the 27-year-old Gullich made the first climbed it and Neve is the first woman to make an ascent. The route has a burly start with a number of
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When ice climbs melt it’s time to clean up

Every year, when all of the snow and ice melts, items left by ice climbers remain. Climbers in the Rockies are organizing a collective effort to clean it up. Spring melts the snow, but it also reveals things accidentally lost during winter. Ice climbers sometimes drop things  and
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New V10s in Okanagan

The Okanagan has long been a destination for climbers. The warm spring brought great conditions to the area and climbers have been busy scrubbing new problems and sending old projects. Andy White, who runs the Okanagan bouldering website, sent two of his projects. White wrote on
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Speed Record on Wapta Traverse

The Wapta Traverse is the only hut-to-hut multi-day ski traverse in North America.  The trip has easy access, multiple ski-mountaineering objectives, big glaciers, excellent snow, lots of potential for turns and four huts. The 45-kilometre route moves back and forth across the
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New Route on Alaska’s Mount Johnson

Americans Ryan Jennings and Kevin Cooper climbed a new route on Alaska’s Mount Johnson from May 1 to 4.  Based on the Ruth Glacier, the pair climbed the Stairway to Heaven VI, A1, M6, WI4, AI5+X with support from the Mugs Stump Award. Jennings wrote on his socia
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