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June 19, 2014

Video: I’m On a Rope

A parody video of the song I’m on a Boat.
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Big Dyno Start to New 5.14+

Raw footage of Jernej Kruder on his new 5.14c, check out the dyno off the start. From Kruder’s blog: In 2011 I bolted the first route in local crag Sopota. It was the most obvious line and in the fall, I managed to do the first ascent. So we got first, very hard route,
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Hielo y Fuego, Patagonia

A group of friends travel to Patagonia and try their luck on a few classics. Despite the bad weather, they manage to get some climbing done.
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Bock sends another new 5.15a at Jura

Markus Bock reports that he has done the first ascent of Becoming 5.15a in Frankenjura which was a long standing project he bolted in 2011. Alexander Megos also climbed a new 5.15a, see here. Here is a list of Frankenjura’s top 100: 1 Corona Schneiderloch 11/11+ 9a+ Markus
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Megos sends new 5.15a

Alex Megos has done the FA of Modified 5.15a which means that he has done seven 14d or harder routes Frankenjura this year. “Yeah!!! Made another first ascent of a route in Frankenjura! Its a variation of Classified, a route which I made the first ascent of last year.
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Melloblocco 2014

Melloblocco 2014 by Michele Caminati who documented the international climbing meeting in Val Masino – Val di Mello. Interviews with: Barbara Zangerl, Gabriele Moroni, Sachi Amma, Anthony Gullsten, Steve McClure, Leah Crane, Mauro Calibani, Stefan Glowacz, Melissa Le Nevé,
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Film trailer: Bala Bala

The short film Bala Bala tells a story about Klemen’s contribution to Slovenian climbing scene through developing climbing area called Osp, especially its most famous crag, where the hardest rock climbing routes are found, called Pajkova Streha which means spider’s
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Valley Uprising

Sender Films has had a regular presence at film festivals over the last several years with King Lines (2008), Alone on the Wall (2010) and Sketchy Andy (2012). Now, Sender principals Peter Mortimer and Nick Rosen turn their attention to the epic history of climbing i
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Big New Squamish Route: Written in Stone

There seems to be no end to the potential of the walls above Squamish. Colin Moorhead and Andre Ike have established an incredible looking line up the Prow Wall. The pair climbed the route on June 12, after cleaning and establishing the line. From Squamish Climbing Source: An
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