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August 27, 2014

American climber Brian McCray has passed away

Before Brian McCray owned Fly’n Brian’s Resoles, he was known as one of America’s cutting-edge free and big-wall climbers.  McCray hit the scene in the 90s when he established a number of hard free climbs in West Virginia’s New River Gorge. On El Cap, he
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Salathe Free with Steph Davis

In 2005, Steph Davis freed the Salathe Wall. Watch and  be inspired. Visit her website here for more from Davis.  
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Speedy Siegrist

Jonathan Siegrist climbs Cedric Lachat’s extensions to Beat Kammerlander’s Speed. Siegrist: “Many years back I had seen the Rob Frost film ‘Autoroute’ that followed Joe Kinder, Luke Parady and Dave Graham through Europe, hitting many of the rad
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Meteora Festival Banned

A documentary that follows two climbers who climb two of the most dangerous and challenging routes on sandstone towers in Greec. They slept on the summit and basejumped down. A cold day back in the 11th century an old man was trying to climb a massive wall of sandstone and
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Bon Echo Peregrine Closure Lifted

The 2014 Peregrine Falcon closure at Bon Echo has just been lifted by the park. Mega classics like The Joke, Sweet Dreams and Compulsion are open for climbing. Climbers venturing onto any of the newly opened routes should be wary of potential loose rock from any of these routes
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Rampage Bouldering Heads to Squamish

Over 100 people arrived to participate on Aug. 24 in Rampage Bouldering at the Grand Wall Boulders. Story and photos by Drew Copeland “It’s the first ever bouldering competition of this scale in Squamish and we’ll try to do it on a yearly basis,” said event organizer
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