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Lucas Uchida: a champion in the making

Since he started climbing and competing three years ago, 16-year-old Lucas Uchida has been one of the top junior competition climber in the country, and one of the most exciting young prospect for Canada to come along in some time. In June, Uchida made his World Cup debut in
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Photo: Shane Murdoch

Youth Movement: Canadian Junior National Team Shine at Youth Pan Am

Team Canada had a terrific showing at the 2014 IFSC Youth PAN AM Championship, which took place in Mexico City on Nov. 26 to 30, with a number of standout performances from one of the deepest talent youth team in recent memory. Robert Stewart-Patterson came to Youth Pan Am after
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Video: Trotter and Stanhope on The Prophet

Check out this video of Sonnie Trotter and Will Stanhope during their ascent of the The Prophet 5.13d in Yosemite.
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IFSC WC Bouldering Toronto: Semi Finals produces big Upsets

By: Andre Cheuk All Photos: Miguel Jette Team Canada ‘s Sean McColl made it safely through to the final, qualifying comfortably in second place, and looking very strong headed into the final. Speaking before the comp, McColl spoke candidly about his start to the season thus fa
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Association of Canadian Mountain Guides’ Fiftieth Anniversary

As part of the fiftieth anniversary of the ACMG, they are hosting the IFMGA Spring Conference presently happening in Whistler, BC.
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Sean McColl’s Bouldering World Cup Victory

Check out this article where top Canadian climber Sean McColl recounts his recent IFSC Bouldering World Cup victory.
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Europe Climbs: A Great European Trip Starter

This is a perfect place to start your dream of a European climbing trip. Information on the location of best crags from Wales to Hungary to Greece, maps, links and background information. Not a site for a seasoned Euro-climber, but a great place to begin.
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Japanese Climbers at IFSC World Cup Canada Include Main Threat to Anna Stohr

We’ve looked at some of the incredible Canadian, Austrian and American athletes coming to the IFSC World Cup on June 1 and 2 in Hamilton. Continuing with our coverage leading up to the event, today we introduce two athletes from Japan, Rei Sugimoto and Akiyo Noguchi.
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Alexander Megos Repeats Frankenjura’s Corona

Yesterday Germany’s sport climbing prodigy Alex Megos climbed Markus Bock’s Frankenjura testpiece. It took ten attempts over three days spread over six months
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Sherpas Complete Fixing Ropes to the Top of Everest

Yesterday, on May 13, the Sherpa fixing team whose activities were embroiled in controversy as a result of the conflict with European climbers earlier in the season, finished the annual task of fixing ropes from the base of the summit to the top of the mountain
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