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Hot Rock Cold Water: Canadian Deep Water Soloing

Many climbers believe that deep water soloing(DWS) is the latest trend, but climbing above water existed long before climbers knew what ot call it. Its purest form happens every time kids go swimming, scramble up rocks and jump back into water. The most recent version encourages
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The Squamish Buttress Butt-Face Variation

While hiking down that evening, I swore I'd go back to finish cleaning the route. The climbing was so much fun that I wanted to share it. Knowing that there was a 5.9 solution to the summit of the Cheif was too difficult for me to ignore...I wouldn't let this line go until it
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Thomasina Pidgeon on V12, Squamish and Motherhood

One of Canada's most exceptional female climbers, Thomasina Pidgeon, is raising a child, climbing every second day and showing no signs of slowing down.
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The Story of Squamish’s University Wall

With the enthusiasm of youth and racks of borrowed pitons, they attacked.
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Bubba’s Alpine Album

The perfection of the climbing touched me. It was like my imagination had merged into reality and my dreams had left the vault of my mind to create the ice and granite that I was ascending.
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Get to Know the Diggers

While steep, hard climbs are naturally cleaner, moderate routes are covered in vegetation. To become rock climbs, they require the work of the Diggers, a leaderless, non-organized collective of otherwise ordinary climbers.
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Beware the Trundler, By Kevin McLane

The number of climbers in Squamish, continues to double every decade and environmental impacts have risen sharply from relentless human traffic and the unrepaired ravages of winter storms.
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Climbing Accidents in the Rockies

Alpine historians and mountain guides reflect on how modern Rockies climbers might avoid the circumstances that led to tragedy in the past.
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Antarctica’s Great Climb

After an arduous time moving loads across 5 km of the white desert from base camp to advanced base camp we were poised to attempt the ridge. Leo had spent the morning with the enormous amount of climbing gear, getting his rack together, then, like an overburdened iron monger he
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