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Hot Rock Cold Water: Canadian Deep Water Soloing

Many climbers believe that deep water soloing(DWS) is the latest trend, but climbing above water existed long before climbers knew what ot call it. Its purest form happens every time kids go swimming, scramble up rocks and jump back into water. The most recent version encourages
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Thomasina Pidgeon on V12, Squamish and Motherhood

One of Canada's most exceptional female climbers, Thomasina Pidgeon, is raising a child, climbing every second day and showing no signs of slowing down.
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On Teaching Teens to Climb

Teaching a teenager to climb can be like giving your beloved family pet to a pack of jackals. You’ve cared for this pet, fed it, petted it, worried about it, and loved it even when it was indifferent to you. But the jackals don’t know that. Teacher and climber Peter Brown
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