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Bubba’s Alpine Album

The perfection of the climbing touched me. It was like my imagination had merged into reality and my dreams had left the vault of my mind to create the ice and granite that I was ascending.
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Get to Know the Diggers

While steep, hard climbs are naturally cleaner, moderate routes are covered in vegetation. To become rock climbs, they require the work of the Diggers, a leaderless, non-organized collective of otherwise ordinary climbers.
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Beware the Trundler, By Kevin McLane

The number of climbers in Squamish, continues to double every decade and environmental impacts have risen sharply from relentless human traffic and the unrepaired ravages of winter storms.
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Climbing Accidents in the Rockies

Alpine historians and mountain guides reflect on how modern Rockies climbers might avoid the circumstances that led to tragedy in the past.
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10 Years of Tour de Bloc

In it’s 10 year history as Canada’s national climbing series, the Tour de Bloc has organized over 144 events in 35 different gyms with close to 20,000 competitors. Here is a photo retrospectve of some of the most dramatic moments of this important Canadian climbing event.
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The Asgard Epic

In Norse mythology, Asgard was the Realm of the Gods. I had feasted on the divine stone of both of its south and east sides, with Chris Brazeau in 2009, yet I was hungry for more, as I considered what we'd climbed to be some of the finest alpine rock I'd ever experienced.
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Rolling Travel Bags

Rather then schlepping expedition luggage to the hotel, consider using one of these rugged rolling travel bags.
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Exhibitions Offer Inspiration from Pioneering Climbers!

Two new exhibit commemorates the first ascent of Everest and first American ascent of Denali.
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