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Risk and Responsibility

It seems we're forgetting that injury and death are potential consequences of playing in the uncontrollable environment of the vertical arena.
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Aug 23, 2011 – Third Ascent of West Face of Mount Robertson

Cians Brinker and Brandon Pullan have just bagged the third ascent of the West Face of Mount Robertson 5.11 R 650 m.
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Mammut Photo Contest Winners

Outdoor adventure photography has grown considerably over the past several years as has the number of talented amateur photographers.
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Canada’s First Climbing World Cup

Dung Nguyen leaned forward in his seat and finished a sentence with "...and then we can take all this and apply for a World Cup. A World Cup would be next."
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The Butt-Face

While hiking down that evening, I swore I'd go back to finish cleaning the route. The climbing was so much fun that I wanted to share it. Knowing that there was a 5.9 solution to the summit of the Cheif was too difficult for me to ignore...I wouldn't let this line go until it
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Belay Devices

Here are some belay devices that should satisfy the need of most climbers - except perhaps the dedicated free soloist.
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Lightweight or Beefy Quickdraws.

Weight reductions in quickdraws are a welcome improvement for many multi-pitch trad climbers and alpinists.
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July 7, 2011 – Climbers Bring Bolting War to Popular Southern Ontario Climbing Area

The recent addition of new bolts at a popular Southern Ontario climbing area has ignited an outbreak of bolt-chopping that some climbers fear could spill over to other Ontario crags.
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June 15, 2011 – Stop Complaining About the Heat

Check out this trailer for Cold, a film that documents Simone Moro, Denis Urubko and Cory Richards's winter ascent of Gasherbrum II 8,035 m.
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