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What’s New For Ice

Unlike rock climbing, where gear and clothing can last several seasons, ice climbing and all its variants are significantly harder on equipment. So rather than go out with last year's duct-taped clothing and worn down tools, climbers should update their kit with this season's
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Survive the Winter Elements

Constructed to protect climbers in the worst weather, these tents will remain standing after a night of howling wind and drifting snow.
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Belay Devices

Here are some belay devices that should satisfy the need of most climbers - except perhaps the dedicated free soloist.
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Lightweight or Beefy Quickdraws.

Weight reductions in quickdraws are a welcome improvement for many multi-pitch trad climbers and alpinists.
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Beefy Ropes

Larger diameter ropes with their thicker sheaths and cores, deliver better abrasion resistance, greater edge-cutting resistance and increased fall-catching performance. Here are some concepts worth considering when buying a thicker rope.
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Road Tripping Essentials

Here are some items that will help climbers get the most out of any climbing trip.
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Big Harnesses for Big Comfort

Big wall climbing requires a wide, supportive, Barcalounger-like harness, plush enough for the multi-hour leads required on most routes. Here are some options for any big wall.
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Spring Shoes

For the best performance, climbers should pick from shoes that most closely reflect their climbing style and then purchase the one that best fits their feet.
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Hard Ware for Hard Climbs

Here are some top gear choices for anyone building a new rack or updating any existing gear.
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