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Hilarious Four-Tool Ice Technique

There is a very good reason that this method never caught on. The climber brings up some very good point, however they are on his crampons and no where else. You could try this technigue at your local ice crag and see what kind of reaction you get. Prepare to be schooled on one
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Belaying With a Munter Hitch

ACMG guide Paul McSorley demonstrates how to belay from the top of the pitch with a munter hitch. A great skill to have in your tool belt in the event you ever drop or forget your belay device.
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The Greatest Bouldering Problem – the Chair

Climbers will climb anything they can get their hands on. An old challenge is the chair climb, road-tripping climbers often try this on picnic tables. Can you do the chair traverse?
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Video: Jamie Finlayson, Mixed Climbing Training

Canadian Jamie Finlayson, who has sent a number of 5.14s, discovered a new passion in 2013, when he did his first mixed route with Tim Emmett. Watch him train in the Squamish bouldering cave, stoked! Mixed Climbing Training from Jamie Finlayson on Vimeo.
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Mind Control

Becca Frangos is one of Canada’s leading female youth climbers. In her recent blog post she talks about mind control. She trains in Canmore, Alberta, and her coach is Sonnie Trotter.  From Becca’s blog: “It was last Friday when my coach Sonnie Trotter and the
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Video: Quickdraws

Do you use open (non sewn) quickdraws with a rubber band holding them in place on the karabiner? Did you know this is a potentially deadly combination? Deadly quickdraws: explained from team_BMC on Vimeo.
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Training Tip

With a solid endurance base you can put in multiple daily attempts on your project and bag the redpoint faster.
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