Daily Archives: July 9, 2009

With their increased efficiency and consistent all-weather performance, mechanical ascenders have almost eliminated the need for traditional prusiks for aid climbing, complex haul systems and emergency rescue. And while all ascenders are capable of moving up a fixed rope, models specifically designed for particular climbing situations are likely to be more efficient and easier to use.

Teaching a teenager to climb can be like giving your beloved family pet to a pack of jackals. You’ve cared for this pet, fed it, petted it, worried about it, and loved it even when it was indifferent to you. But the jackals don’t know that. Teacher and climber Peter Brown Hoffmeister speculates about the risks and benefits of taking young people climbing.

Mike Doyle is one of Canada’s most talented and well-travelled climbers. Check out his entertaining blog chronicling his latest adventures.

Each of us has a tick-list of climbs we study in photos, and descriptions in guidebooks to far-away places. We may live in North America, but the climbs we’ve done and those we aspire to are worldwide.