Daily Archives: November 9, 2010

Very few backpacks are subjected to the regular use and abuse seen by the humble cragging pack. Climbers deploy the these small-to-midsize workhorses almost every weekend expecting them to be durable and carry heavy loads without compromising comfort or carrying efficiency – a challenging job description for any pack.

Bouldering owes much of its popularity to the development of modern crash pads. Before the existence foam-filled shock absorbers, failed bouldering attempts regularly produced spine-compressing falls or bone-breaking impacts.

You never know where a road trip may lead you. One day you could be sucking back ice-cold Ale-8’s in the Red River Gorge, and the next day find yourself westward-bound on I-40.

Balancing life with either a kid or a non-climbing partner and climbing can be a never-ending conflict. Be it trying to hang on to a relationship on the brink because of one’s never ending affair with the rock or finding a balance between parenting and climbing. The majority of people have an issue with it, saying, come on now- is climbing really that important?

The Japanese team of Yasushi Okada and Katsutake Yokoyama were awarded the Piolet d’or Asia for establishing a new line up the SE Face of Mount Logan.