Daily Archives: April 5, 2013

When it comes to surviving and thriving in the battle with gravity, being a good climber is only part of the equation. I’ve been very fortunate to have climbed a very long time. Using my experiences over the years, I hope to offer some tips to reduce risk, preventable heartache and suffering.

When I sat down to write this story it was just supposed to be about this route in Yosemite called The Prophet which I completed this fall. As I started typing I realized that it was much more than just a route for me, and this made the writing process more difficult than just summing up a stack of pitches on a granite wall.

With their burly uppers and sticky, climbing- specific outsoles, approach shoes allow climbers to easily get to almost any crag. Here are some of this season’s best approach shoes.

This season, climbers can pick from a variety of shoes
that deliver comfort, versatility and exceptional performance. Here are some of this spring’s top picks.