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Basecamp Podcast Discussion with Kelly Cordes

Kelly Cordes is one of America’s great alpine climbers. He made the first as ascent of the Azeem Ridge on Great Trango Tower in Pakistan, the first link-up of Tiempos Perdidos and the upper West Face ice routes on Cerro Torre, Patagonia, the first ascent of Personal Jesus on Nevado Ulta, Peru, the first ascent of The Trailer Park on London Tower, Alaska, the first ascent of Deadbeat, Thunder Mountain, Alaska, and the first ascent of Ring of Fire, Thunder Mountain, Alaska.

He recently authored a book about the history of Cerro Torre called The Tower, a captivating read about Patagonia’s famous mountain, visit here for more. Gripped’s editor Brandon Pullan touched base with Cordes at the 40th Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival. The recording was the final episode of Basecamp Podcast.