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Dave MacLeod Repeats Hunger 5.14d at The Anvil

It took 14 years from his first attempt to his send

Dave MacLeod has made the third ascent of Hunger 5.14d at The Anvil, Loch Goil. The first ascent was in 2010 by Malcolm Smith and the second was by Will Bosi in 2018. It was the first 5.14d established in Scotland as an extension to Fire Power 5.14c.

MacLeod starting working on the route over 10 years ago. He tried the route last year and trained specifically for it this summer. It was his longest running project ever. The 25-metre long route has some hard boulder problems at mid-height.

Earlier this year, he made the first ascent of Mind Riot E10 and Golden Road E9. MacLeod shared details about his training and preparation for Hunger in the video below.