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Training Tuesday: Dave MacLeod’s Training Tips

Dave MacLeod's Training Channel will make you stronger.

Climbing has historically been a sport of the self-trained. However, the last decade has brought about the advent of the well trained, well researched climbing coach.

Some of these coaches write specific training plans for the athletes that require them while others have pursued social media as their main avenue for training delivery. Scottish climber Dave MacLeod is one of the latter.

For over two years, MacLeod has released videos teaching the modern climber the ways of strength, conditioning, and technique. For the last year and a half, MacLeod has released a series of training vlogs in response to questions from climbers.

His videos reference subjects diverging from the theoretical philosophies of climbing to step-by-step descriptions of exercises like hangboarding. MacLeod spends a great deal of time researching and collecting various papers from which he derives his training. The 41-year-old climber is known for being the first person to free-solo 5.14b, and for his strong efforts on a variety of different climbing styles.


With ascents ranging from E11 to V15, MacLeod’s diverse background has given him strong footing as an online coach.

Featured photo by Claire MacLeod