Daily Archives: June 19, 2014

A parody video of the song I’m on a Boat.

Raw footage of Jernej Kruder on his new 5.14c, check out the dyno off the start. From Kruder’s blog: In 2011 I bolted the first route in local crag Sopota. It was the most obvious […]

A group of friends travel to Patagonia and try their luck on a few classics. Despite the bad weather, they manage to get some climbing done.

Markus Bock reports that he has done the first ascent of Becoming 5.15a in Frankenjura which was a long standing project he bolted in 2011. Alexander Megos also climbed a new 5.15a, see here. Here […]

Alex Megos has done the FA of Modified 5.15a which means that he has done seven 14d or harder routes Frankenjura this year. “Yeah!!! Made another first ascent of a route in Frankenjura! Its […]

Melloblocco 2014 by Michele Caminati who documented the international climbing meeting in Val Masino – Val di Mello. Interviews with: Barbara Zangerl, Gabriele Moroni, Sachi Amma, Anthony Gullsten, Steve McClure, Leah Crane, Mauro Calibani, […]

The short film Bala Bala tells a story about Klemen’s contribution to Slovenian climbing scene through developing climbing area called Osp, especially its most famous crag, where the hardest rock climbing routes are found, […]