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Watch Sasha DiGiulian on Golden 5.14.

Philippe Ribiere is one of the most inspiring climbers you might ever have the opportunity to meet. Epic TV has made a three-part series about Ribiere and here is what they had to say: […]

Hans Florine has made the first one-day solo ascent of Triple Direct on El Capitan. Fifty-year-old Florine climbed the route in temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius. He started climbing just before 6 a.m. and rope-soloed […]

Let’s call it #tbwednesday and watch the 2005 Petzl Rock Trip through the eyes of Timmy O’Neill. Featuring Lynn Hill, Jason Kehl, Chris Sharma, Gérôme Pouvreau, Lisa Rands, Liv Sansoz, Dave Graham, Jérôme Meyer, […]

National Geographic’s video about deep water soloing in Oman.

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Mammut brings us episode five of the series Reclimbing the Classics. Mirko Caballero climbs Tony Yaniro’s 5.13 Grand Illusion in Lake Tahoe. Visit Mammut for the full story here. Related For episode one and […]

Chris Sharma, the newest Red Bull athlete, climbs a steep, stone arch under a bridge. Read about Sharma and Stefan Glowacz’s send of the steepest route in the world here. Post by Iñigo Bilbao.