Sam Tucker Sends Six-Pitch Castles in the Sky 5.14

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Sam Tucker has made the second ascent of Castles in the Sky, the six pitch 5.14a that climbs on Castle Mountain in the Canada Rockies. His partner for the day was Julia Goldhoff and […]

Top Climber Presumed Dead, Found Alive by Drone

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Top U.K. climber Rick Allen was presumed dead after it was thought he fell to his death on Broad Peak in Pakistan during a solo climb. A drone that was controlled from a pilot […]

Over 200 Climbers for First Paraclimbing World Cup of 2018

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The first Paraclimbing Cup of 2018 takes place on July 18 and over 200 athletes from 31 nations will compete in Briançon (FRA) and Arco (ITA) on July 20 to 21 and July 27 […]

Paul Robinson Sends Pirate’s Code, Steep New V15

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Paul Robinson has made the first ascent of Pirate’s Code V15 at Three Corners, Cederberg in South Africa. Robinson has climbed hundreds of hard problems, including nearly 100 new climbs in South Africa. Robinson […]

That Gnarly Knee-Drop by Adam Ondra on Fight Club

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Adam Ondra climbed his way through the local 5.14s, onsighting up to 5.14c and downgrading 5.15s to 5.14s, and he’s now working on even harder climbs. At Acephale, Ondra has put about a week […]

Mateusz Waligóra Prepares to Walk Solo Through Gobi Desert

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Mateusz Waligóra is about to emark on a 70-day, 1,800-kilometre walk through the Gobi Desert alone. He will go without knowing whether after three days, when his water supply runs out, if he will […]

Free Digital Ontario Guides for 2018 Beaver Valley Fest

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The 2018 Beaver Valley Climbing Festival will be taking place from July 20 to 22 in Southern Ontario and the online guide ap rakkup is offering free digital guides. There are free guides available […]