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Spaniard Skips 5.15a and Sends Britain’s Hardest Climb at 5.15b

Eder Lomba is currently based in the U.K. where he’s climbed his first 5.14d routes and first 5.15

Canadian Mother/Daughter Team Summits Everest

Liliya and Dasha Ianovskaia reached the summit on May 14. It’s the most recent high mountain they’ve climbed together

Ben Hanna Reflects on Comps and Repeats 5.14d in Arizona

The pro competition climber redpointed six 5.14s during a 19-day trip. Watch the film below

Watch Skiers Descend Mount Athabasca in Rockies

In mid-April, four skiers went up and down the North Glacier in seven hours

After 116 Years, ACC Finally Elects Women as President and Executive Director

Isabelle Daigneault will become president and Carine Salvy will become executive director of the Alpine Club of Canada

Alex Megos Sends a 5.15a as Chris Sharma Weighs In

Sharma talks about his 2010 first ascent as Megos makes the fourth known ascent

Everest Summits by All-Black Team and Kami Rita for 26th Time

And the first foreigner to summit this year was awake for over 80 hours during their summit push

From 5.9 to 5.14, Five Squamish Trad Climbs to Know About

A series of climbing 101’s about the history, people, routes and gear that shaped the sport

Climbers Get $37,000, Aim for Ambitious Objectives

Several climbers are heading to some of the most remote and serious big alpine walls on the planet

To Daila Ojeda, This 5.13d Sport Climb is Perfect

It was bolted and sent in the imd-1990s and is unique in that it stands alone with no other bolted routes around