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Breaking News: Matty Hong repeats Flex Luthor, proposes 5.15b

The first ascent was in 2003 by Tommy Caldwell. If the grade stands, it was likely the first 5.15b ever climbed

John Lauchlan Award wants to make the mountains more accessible, apply today

The Canada-based award will be mentoring and supporting climbers from underrepresented communities going forward

Great Wide Open episode one features Tommy Caldwell and Jared Leto

Caldwell talks about times in his life that forever changed him

Climbing legend Dave MacLeod on new E10 and finger injury recovery

“Comparing it to other routes is kind of hard because most other E10 trad routes in Scotland are really dangerous”

The East Face of Assiniboine, a remote Rockies alpine wall, gets a rare repeat

“We climbed a 30-metre water ice pitch before the headwall that provided us with an M5 and M6 pitch”

Watch Jason Momoa climb at The Hub in Ontario

The Hollywood superstar has been visiting the Toronto area to work on the film Aquaman 2

Jakob Schubert repeats Chris Sharma’s Alasha 5.15 DWS in Mallorca

The steep deep water solo line was first climbed in 2016

First Repeat of Patxitxulo 5.14d/15a for Anak Verhoeven in Spain

The top climber retired from competitions earlier this year

A New Route in Canada Recieves a 2021 Piolets d’Or

Ethan Berman and Uisdean Hawthorn have received the award for a new 2020 route up Mount Robson’s Emperor Face

Emily Harrington on her send of Stockboys Revenge 5.14b

The top American climber chats with us about her recent redpoint and travels in 2021