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New Major Route on Tehipite Dome in Sequoia/Kings Canyon

“It’s a good mixture of crack climbing, offwidth, chimney, and some really good face climbing,” —Ryan Evans

Duo Completes Yosemite Double and Triple Crown in Same Season

After climbing El Cap and Half Dome camp-to-camp in fewer than 24 hours, using bikes, Danford Jooste (29) and Nick Ehman (27) pulled off the Triple (sans bikes this time) —the Nose on El Cap, RNWF of Half Dome, and the South Face of Watkins in 21:35.

DiGiulian and Jones Release Send Bars to Aid in Performance and Recovery

“As a professional climber,” says DiGiulian, “I needed to find an easy way to get greens and vital nutrients into my body”

The North Face of the Rostrum is One of Yosemite’s Best Rock Climbs

“Probably the best eight-pitch crack collection in the Valley,” says SuperTopo: Yosemite Valley Free Climbs. Summit Post calls it “the most enjoyable multi-pitch 5.11 in the Valley.”

Sam Stroh is the Youngest to Send El Cap in a Day, Here’s His Story

He climbed Freerider in just over 18 hours and now has his sights on other big wall free routes in Yosemite

The Rave is a Hyalite Canyon Seven-Pitch M10

This past March in Montana, Manoah Ainuu, Nate Kenny, Conrad Anker, Whitney Stowe, and Matt Cornell established The Rave, a 180-metre line in the Winter Dance area. Only Cornell sent the overhanging cobble-climb.

El Cap’s Iron Hawk Speed Record Cut in Half

Brandon Adams and Roger Putnam climbed the aid route Iron Hawk in 15:37, taking 15 hours off the record set by Ammon McNeely and Cedar Wright in 2004

Revisiting a Yosemite Classic with Wild Country’s Latest Cams (With Video)

Take a journey up the never-ending 5.12a/b Crimson Cringe in Max Buschini’s new film

Yosemite to Implement Big Wall Permits in Trial Two-Year Program

“Despite the low-key face that’s being put on this ‘pilot,’ this is a huge deal for Valley climbers”

Profile: Yosemite Climbing Ranger Gena Wood

“I’m inspired to try the hardest things I can do”