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Previously unreported from winter: The Rave is Hyalite Canyon’s newest seven-pitch M10

This past March in Montana, Manoah Ainuu, Nate Kenny, Conrad Anker, Whitney Stowe, and Matt Cornell established The Rave, a 180-metre line in the Winter Dance area. Only Cornell sent the overhanging cobble-climb.

El Cap’s Iron Hawk Speed Record Cut in Half

Brandon Adams and Roger Putnam climbed the aid route Iron Hawk in 15:37, taking 15 hours off the record set by Ammon McNeely and Cedar Wright in 2004

Revisiting a Yosemite Classic with Wild Country’s Latest Cams (With Video)

Take a journey up the never-ending 5.12a/b Crimson Cringe in Max Buschini’s new film

Yosemite to Implement Big Wall Permits in Trial Two-Year Program

“Despite the low-key face that’s being put on this ‘pilot,’ this is a huge deal for Valley climbers”

Profile: Yosemite Climbing Ranger Gena Wood

“I’m inspired to try the hardest things I can do”

Thirteen Years in a Cave in Yosemite: Half Dome Skier Zach Milligan

I saw a picture of Half Dome in my barber shop and I was like, ‘Where is that?’ I knew I needed to climb it.

Roam Academy: Education and Inspiration by the World’s Top Adventurers

Roam online academy provides insight and tips by the best — including Conrad Anker and Jimmy Chin — on climbing, skiing, photography, and more.

Trango Agility 9.1 Rope: Triple Rated and Packed with Safety Features

Designed for alpine, sport and trad, the Agility 9.1 has an abrasion-resistant sheath and red die that marks the ends

Balanced Rock: Sharing Yoga, Meditation and Wellness from Yosemite

Co-founder Heather Sullivan shares what the non-profit is bringing to Yosemite in 2021 and beyond

Raised in Yosemite: Whitney Stowe

Whitney grew up adventuring around Camp 4, learning climbing from her dad — legendary guide and big wall climber Scott Stowe. Today, after helping him recover from a stroke, she’s becoming a leader herself.