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Live From the 15th Annual Yosemite Facelift

Today is day five of the 15th annual Yosemite Facelift organized by longtime Valley local Ken Yager. Each morning starting […]

Dinner With Alpinist Kevin Cooper

Over boiled fish and steamed veggies, Coop recalls his climbing partner of 20 years, surviving a 300-metre tumble, and establishing […]

A Morning with American Ice and Comp Climber Tyler Kempney

Sitting on a crashpad-couch, Tyler Kempney slides a hand through his hair as he tries to remember the chronology of the […]

Clint Helander: Alaska Alpinist’s First Business Trip to Colorado

“What the hell happened there?” Clint Helander says as his beer tips over next to me on the living room […]

Hard Tennessee Trad Receives First Female Ascent

Minutes ago, American climber Kathy Karlo lowered from the chains after completing the first female ascent of the bombay roof-crack […]