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The Quebec crag where Festiglace is taking place this week

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The North Face Summit L5 Futurelight is a stretchy hardshell that excels in range of movement and performing in variable conditions

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As the waves of the Atlantic Ocean crash in the afternoon sun, the lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove stands out like […]

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Thivierge is Quebec Climber, Entrepreneur and Mountaineer

François Guy Thivierge has been sharing his passion for the mountains in Quebec for 25 years now. He first discovered […]

Indoor Weekly: Review of Tindeq Progressor and V-Rings

At a time when training for climbing seems to be becoming as popular as actual climbing, comes a unique training […]

Brise Pant: A Modern Rock Climbing Pant

Tired of finishing climbing and then having to change into some street clothes to go out after? Your problem has […]

New Ice/Mixed Tool Training Grip is the Duck Ring

Tired of being kicked out of the gym for training with your ice tools? With the increased popularity of books […]