Out of Nowhere – Nathan Kutcher

If you looked at the roster for the men’s competition this past January, you probably wouldn’t have picked first-time competitor Nathan Kutcher of St. Catharines to win top honors. “Nobody in the competition had ever even heard of this guy,” competition director and Ouray Ice Park co-founder Bill Whitt said. “But he came and dominated.”

Jan 16, 2012 – Shit Climbers Say

Check out this brilliant video highlighting some of the more ridiculous things to come out of climbers’ mouths. Breathe!

Two to Peru

Their plan was simple. Drive south through Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama to the end of the road at Panama City, hitting every bar and beach along the way. Leave the car in Panama, fly to Bogota in COlombia, travel by bus through Colombia and Ecuador into Peru, and try to climb at least one 6,000 m peak.

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