Marc-Andre Leclerc Talks About Scotland Solos

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In this short video, Jon Walsh interviews the late Marc-Andre Lelcerc about his day soloing five routes on Stob Coire Nan Lochan. For a full trip report, visit Walsh’s blog here.

Mind Tools Aim to Keep You Psyched

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Mind Tools are a climbing accessory created to help climbers overcome fear, making them the first mental training tool for climbers on the market. They are colorful slip covers that fit on most common […]

Upcoming Book on the Incredible Billy Davidson

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For the past 15 years, Gripped editor Brandon Pullan has been working on a book about the late climber and paddler, Billy Davidson. Billy was one of Canada’s most cutting-edge climbers in the 1970s […]

Heads Up! These Weekend Avalanches Could’ve Killed Skiers

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There were at least three noteworthy avalanches this past weekend that skiers should take note of. In the Canadian Rockies, skiers escaped a class 1.5 after triggering it on Dolomite Ridge. To this, mountain […]

Sara and Becca Frangos Talk Comps and School

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Twin sisters Sara and Becca Frangos have been competing and climbing at a national level since they were young. In this series called HERoic, the Frangos sisters talk about where life and climbing has […]

Jakob Schubert Repeats El Bon Combat 5.15

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Jakob Schubert has made the second ascent of Chris Sharma’s El Bon Combat in Cova de l’ocell. Sharma graded the steep line 5.15b/c, but Schubert suggests it might only be 5.15a. “I know it’s […]

The Tool Shed is New Rockies Drytool Crag

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The Canadian Rockies have a long shoulder season and one way climbers stay busy is by running laps at the few drytooling crags, such as the Playground and Drive-in. The Tool Shed is the […]