The annual ice climber’s festival in Northern Ontario gets on its way on Feb. 28 and runs till March 2.

Nipigon is far away from any metropolis, the closest city is Thunder Bay, population 110,000. Every year dozens of ice-seeking climbers travel to the Northern Ontario town for its ever-so-popular gathering, the ice fest. Over the years, climbers such as Will Gadd, Barry Blanchard, and Raphael Slawinski have attended the festival, climbing new routes and entertaining with slideshows. This year’s guest-speaker is Matt McCormick, the Rockies’ Brent Peters will also be attending.

If you are in the vicinity, be sure to check out the Nipigon Ice Festival, full details here.

The first ascent of Professional Business Men  Photo Mike Landkroon

The first ascent of Professional Business Men at the 2003 ice fest Photo Mike Landkroon