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Alex Megos and Melissa La Neve Win Climbing Works Festival

After two days of intense competition, Alex Megos and Melissa La Neve took top spots at this year’s Climbing Works International Festival. This event marks the start of the IFSC Bouldering season and gives us a good idea of how everyone will do. For more on the Climbing Works event visit here.

Canadian Sean McColl advanced to Semis but just missed the Final. The big story of the day was Megos’ win with an injured finger. La Neve made a fast send of a V14 in Fontainebleau last week. The two are at the top of their game. The IFSC season kicks off on April 7, view the full schedule here.

@melissaleneve rocking through to top women's 1 #cwif #bouldering #climb #climbing #indoorclimbing

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