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Allez Up Competition

January 18, Montreal’s Allez Up hosted an exciting competition.

More than 100 competitors and hundreds of spectators filled Allez Up for the fourth stage of the Quebec Cup for juniors and second stage for open.

Fpr the Juniors, Francis Bilodeau (Go Up Team) finished first for men, he dominated the competition in all categories, including achieving the fastest time in speed (only 6.678 seconds). For girls, Elizabeth Légaré (CCEQ team) won the gold medal in speed and Pia Graham (Ontario) in difficulty.

Sébastien Lazure (Vertical team) won in difficulty among men, while Erika Miller-Jolicoeur (Vertical team) won for women. For speed, Kristophe Feeney (Go Up Team) and Isabel Laughrea (Go Up team) won the top spots.

For more photos visit Allez Up’s Facebook page.

The next competition will take place on February 9 at Horizon Roc in Montreal. 

Photo Allez Up
Photo Allez Up