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Arco 2015, Legends and Duel Results

The Arco Legends and Duel Championships took place in Italy over the weekend and some of the world’s best climbers showed up for the event.

On Friday, Alex Megos was awarded the Salewa Rock Award, as the announcer said, “Freedom. Passion. A desire to explore new horizons with imagination and happiness.

“The climbing embodied by this climber expresses all of this. For having provided new and free visions of sport climbing, the Salewa Rock Award 2015 goes to Alexander Megos.” In 2014, the award went to Muriel Sarkany.

Adam Ondra was awarded the La Sportiva Competition Award, as the announcer said, “Set yourself aims. Become a better person and athlete. Try to go higher and higher, where no one has ever been before.

“Surpass even yourself. This is the essence of every sport. For having interpreted all of this in climbing competitions, the La Sportiva Competition Award 2015 goes to Adam Ondra.” In 2014, the award went to Urko Carmona Barandiaran.

The Dryarn Climbing Ambassador was handed to the founder of Climbers Against Cancer, John Ellison: “To John Ellison, for the courage and strength with which he interprets his life through adversity, inspiring the world’s climbing community with motivation and visions that form the universal values of solidarity”

Sean McColl at the Arco Rock Masters. Photo Sean McColl's Instagram
Sean McColl at the Arco Rock Masters. Photo Sean McColl’s Instagram

On Saturday, the Arco Duel comp took place and Adam Ondra and Helen Janicot won the Rock Master 2015. Sean McColl and Mathilde Becerra placed second and Supper Gautier and Anak Verhoeven finished in third. In fourth was Domen Skofic and Mina Markovic.

Watch the World Youth Championships Finals: