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B.C. Comps: Weber and Muller Win Arq’s Inaugural Event

The first competition to take place in British Columbia this 2017 season happened at Arq in Cranbrook.

It was the Interior B.C.’s gym’s inaugural Speed and Boulder event. Climbers came from around Alberta and B.C. and in the end, Josh Muller and Alyssa Weber took top spots.

The next Canadian competition is on Nov. 4 at Rock Oasis in Toronto. The next B.C. comp is Pop and Lock at Gneiss in Kelowna on Nov. 11.

Boulder Open Finals Results Male/Femlae
1. J. Muller / A. Weber
2. S. Eveleigh / E. Thompson
3. T. Martino / L. Van de Panne
4. R. Wong / C. Spurrell
5. M. Gauk / R. Kennedy
6. M. Derksen / E. Kay-Leighton
7. S. Roy-Brenneis / M. Lee
8. C. Hajduk / A. Poffenroth

Boulder Youth D Male/Female: N. Smith / O. Gelinas
Boulder Youth C Male/Female: A. Edwards / A. Vanier
Boulder Youth B Male/Female: T. Foley / G. Wieninger

Speed Open Male/Female: Ben Stromner / Christy Spurrel
Speed Youth D Male/Female: Nathaniel Smith / Ainsley Rolstad
Speed Youth C Male/Female: Adam Edwards / Zosha Sernik
Speed Youth B Male/Female: TJ Foley / Tula Sherkat

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