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B.C. Comps: Weber and Sethna Win Resolve

As we approach mid-way of the 2017/18 Bouldering season, big comps and strong competitors are teeing off across Canada.

At BoulderHouse in Victoria, well-known and new names climbed in a high energy and fun-problem competition called Resolve. It was also a CEC National Series event.

Alyssa Weber and Eric Sethna are no strangers to the podium and took top spots.

Finals Results Female/Male
1. Alyssa Weber / Eric Sethna
2. Allison Vest / Jesse Taplin
3. Sally Kim / Guy McNamee
4. Becca Frangos / Ivan Luo
5. Mika Hosoi / Aidan Doyle
6. Jani Zoraj / Ryder Hoy
7. Gill Haigh / Evan Waugh
8. Christy Spurrell / Kin Wah Lai