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B.C. Comps: Winter Classic Triple Header 2018

The Edge in Vancouver hosted the Winter Classic for Youth A, Open and Junior climbers.

The Olympic-style event combined Lead, Speed and Boulder in one weekend. Chloe Earle and Jason Mah took first place in Open.

For full results visit here, below are Final combined podiums.

Youth A Female/Male
1. Stephanie Chow / Kindar McNamee
2. Brielle Zacharias / Aidan Doyle
3. Lola Rabinovich / Ben Newman

Junior Female/Male
1. Chloe Earle / Jacob Plamondon
2. Teyha Rogers / Adrian Kask
3. Julia Massullo / Matthew Olgilvie Turner

Open Female/Male
1. Chloe Earle / Jason Mah
2. Christy Spurrell / Kindar McNamee
3. Tiffany Melius / Derek Runions