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Boulder World Cup 2017: Coxsey and Fujii Win Switzerland

The IFSC announced last week that viewers would have to pay to watch the Boulder World Cup. The climbing world responded negatively and the IFSC was sure to stream this weekend’s Switzerland World Cup for free.

The only two Canadian’s competing were Sean McColl and Zach Richardson, neither advanced to Semis. Many of the world’s top comp climbers failed to advance, including Margo Hayes and Akiyo Noguchi. Finals results below and full results here. Watch Finals below.

Finals Results Male/Female
1. Kokoro Fujii / Shauna Coxsey
2. Aleksei Rubtsov / Katharina Saurwein
3. Keita Watabe / Miho Nonaka
4. Rei Sugimoto /Stasa Gejo
5. Jernej Druder / Petra Klingler
6. David Firnenburg / Janja Garnbret