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Brette Harrington LIVE on Instagram on April 16

She has one of the most impressive alpine climbing resumes of the past decade

Top climber Brette Harrington will be chatting about some of her most memorable climbs on Gripped’s Instagram Live on Thursday, April 16, at 12 p.m. EST.

Harrington is known for her bold new alpine routes in Patagonia, western Canada and Alaska. Below are just some of her remarkable achievements in the mountains. Be sure to tune in here and feel free to ask questions throughout.

Brette Harrington’s Climbs

2014: Straight No Chaser 5.11/A1 in Waddington Range with Marc-André Leclerc
2015: Chiaro de Luna 5.11a on Saint Exupery in Patagonia: first free solo
2015: Grand Illusion 5.13b/c in California: second female ascent
2015: Muir Wall 5.13c on El Capitan
2016: Northwest Turret 5.13a, 22 pitches on Great Sail Peak on Baffin Island: first free ascent with Joshua Lavigne and Marc-André Leclerc
2016: Hidden Dragon 5.12b/c on Chinese Puzzle Wall in B.C.: first free ascent with Marc-André Leclerc
2018: Life Compass on Mount Blane in Alberta: established with Rose Pearson
2019: The Sound of Silence M8 WI5 1,100m on Mount Fay: established with Ines Papert and Luka Lindic
2020: MA’s Vision 5.12c on Torre Egger in Patagonia: first free ascent with Quentin Roberts and Horacio Gratton

Chinese Puzzle Wall